Jul 28, 2010

AWESOME VIDEO: Super Sexy Villainous Bianca

Stop the press!  Polymorphe’s  fantastic latex video with Bianca Beauchamp will knock your latex socks off!

Polymorphe just launched a sexy photo & video ad campaign featuring latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp as Crimson, the vibrant latex assassin she plays in the upcoming web series Heroes of The North.  Photos (as seen in the insert) will be published in print medias, such as the upcoming comic book adaptation of the web series.

Polymorphe created the latex wardrobe for the superheroes and villains in the web series by Movie Seals Productions.

The 1 minute video ad from Polymorphe is a tie-in with the web series in which Bianca plays the super sexy villain, a Red Riding Hood bad-ass gone rogue assassin.  In the video, Beauchamp’s character (Crimson) dresses up in red latex catsuit, and gears up action-style on a dynamic soundtrack.  The skin scars are quite a nice touch too! Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Catherine Lavoie brought in her delicate touch to create Bianca’s sultry look of red lips & wavy hair.

Bianca will appear in two of the 20 web episodes of Heroes Of The North, episode 5 being the one dedicated to her character.

The video ad directed by fetish photographer Martin Perreault is set to play before each of the 20 episodes, starting August 1st 2010 on HOTN Official website.

If that’s not kick-ass, we don’t know what is!!  Post your comments below!

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