Mar 1, 2010

VIDEO: Bianca Beauchamp Black Transformation

View Bianca Beauchamp get a total sexy make-over in this stylish 70’s Black Transformation video.

Bianca is known for her grand versatility when it comes to transforming herself in photo shoots.  In the past she has played various fictional characters (Cat Woman, Super Girl, The Ice Queen, etc.) and some real life icons such as Raquel Welch (see insert) and Marilyn  Monroe.

This time around, Bianca goes one step further and transforms herself into a super sexy African American inspired directly from the 70’s Blaxploitation films.  This 5 minute video is a behind the scenes look at the complete transformation performed by Bianca’s talented team “The Catouz” (Catherine Lavoie and Catherine Allard) and shot by acclaimed photographer Martin Perreault. Expect cool interviews and super sexy clothes (like Polymorphe’s latex) in this video!

Beauchamp recently published her Glam version of this shoot (SOULMATE) and now her LATEX version (HOT STUFF) is available on Bianca’s Latex Lair (March 1st).  We are told an uncensored version is also available to Bianca’s Subscribers.

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