Dec 16, 2013

HDvideo: Bianca Wishes You Merry Christmas

Bianca Beauchamp wishes a torrid Merry Christmas to all her fans with this lusciously stylized Christmas photoshoot!

This post is part of our XMAS BLAST FROM THE PAST SERIES this month, featuring Bianca’s great past Christmas Specials (The 2011 video is available here). 

It’s becoming an annual Holiday tradition with Bianca to release to her fans an online video of her Christmas photoshoot.  In this 4 minute public HD video, Bianca explains why she wanted to do a black Christmas theme this year, going for an original contrast with last year’s Bianca’s White Christmas.


The latex shoot features a glowing Bianca in a semi transparent breastless black latex dress with gold trim from Westward Bound, with matching gloves and… golden high heels!  Nothing less than the golden crown of high heels for the Queen of Latex!  You can view the kinky latex photos from this shoot now!

Bianca’s Glam shoot offers us a Bianca in black froufrou dress with large white stitches trim – almost like a Christmas gift waiting to be unwrapped – which, incidently, she does in her fantastic photoshoot available on Bianca’s Glam website.

Take note: a complete uncut & uncensored version of Bianca’s Christmas Video is available to all Bianca fans with a subscription at her and her glam website.


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