Jun 7, 2010

HD VIDEO: Bianca’s Poison Ivy latex Cosplay

Latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp does Batman’s Poison Ivy character… in full latex gear!

Bianca Beauchamp published a new HD Video Teaser on her latex website. The clip features Bianca in a superb green latex Poison Ivy outfit, custom designed by latex designer Vex Clothing.  The sexy clip shows lots of luscious curves, cleavage, fishnet legs, and high-heels.

As you can see in the two photos, the resemblance between the fictional character and Bianca’s rendering of Poison Ivy is striking!  In fact, Bianca told her fans on Facebook that she was inspired for the shoot and costume by this original illustration of Poison Ivy created by the very talented and successful comic artist Alex Horley.

The full HD uncut and uncensored clip is available at www.latexlair.com to Bianca’s Subscribers, along with the full photoshoot in high-res.

iphone direct link to video.

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