Sep 17, 2010

HD UNCUT VIDEO: Bianca the Naughty Villain

A 5 minute uncut and uncensored version of the video of Bianca as Crimson exists. Check it out!

We’ve talked a lot recently about Bianca’s role in the web series Heroes of The North (see video interview and Polymorphe’s video ad). Bianca plays a red latex villain in one of the episodes. Polymorphe Latex Fashion sponsored the show with their latex costumes and asked Bianca to reprise her role as Crimson for their one minute video ad .

Little did we know, the one minute latex ad was only part of a longer clip that was shot by director Martin Perreault.  In fact, a 5 minute uncut and uncensored version of the video exists, and is being featured exclusively to Bianca’s fans on her Latex Lair website!  The preview above gives  us a good taste of what’s to be expected in the sexy clip!

So check it out for yourself!  The full uncut/uncensored 5 minute latex video is available now.

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