Nov 5, 2008

Bianca VS feminists – a TV Interview

Bianca BeauchampIn a recent TV Interview, Bianca Beauchamp was thrown in the lionnesses’ den, and was asked to justify her career.

We present to you Bianca’s latest TV Interview which was aired October 29th. on national TV Radio Canada.  The show is called “La Fosse Aux Lionnes” (The Lionesses’ Den), sort of a french version of “The View”.  This interview comes shortly after Bianca’s many appearances in the local media during the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2008 where Bianca hosted the World Premiere of her new film Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2.

In this 10 minute interview, Bianca must face very direct questions about her career, why she is wearing latex, and her influence on young girls.  Some of the hostesses seem to be inclined to categorize Bianca’s latex modeling as pornographic work, which judging from their tone, is a bad thing.  Fortunately, Bianca was able to face the line of fire.  But perhaps the most disappointing thing with this type of interview where the interviewer has a prejudice against latex modeling, is that there is very little time spent actually talking with Miss Beauchamp about her achievements, how her career actually developed, or even her views on the world of latex modeling today compared to when she started.  And frankly, isn’t it misleading to invite someone for a 10 minute interview on their career, and lead them into a debate on topics such as porn and “hypersexualisation” of young girls?

But you be the judge of that, and while you’re at it, perhaps you can comment below on whether you think Bianca is doing porn or not – a subject that seemed to intrigue the hostesses very much.

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