Oct 19, 2009

VIDEO: Bianca Invades Italy

A fantastic video document just surfaced online containing interviews with latex fetish superstar Bianca Beauchamp and her partner fetish photographer Martin Perreault.

Fetish Evolution is one of the biggest fetish events worldwide and is located in Essen, Germany.  Last April, a documentary video was filmed at the event under the supervision of Italian fetish photographer Coniglio Bianco & Aldom.  The video contains tons of wonderful latex fashion images and interviews conducted by ToXic V and SpaghettiLegs, two fetish models from Italy.  Superb editing by Sergio Puglia on a dynamic soundtrack by Stick It Out bring out a top quality video about the international fetish event and its core players.

The 21 minute document contains many interviews, two of them being of latex diva Bianca Beauchamp who was introduced as “the most famous fetish  model in the world” and her partner Martin Perreault as “the best photographer in the fetish scene”. The two interviews last a total of six minutes.

Additional interviews include returning host Paul Nathan illusionist extroardinaire,  All Access 1 & two co-star and rubberist sensation Jean Bardot, along with models and designers such as Ancilla Tilia, Skin, Mirjana, Eden, Sister Sinister, Les Incroyables, Engineers of Desire, Tolllkirsche, Bondage T-Shirt, and DeMask.

The 21 minute document ends with the following quote in big letters: “Dedicated to all fetish lovers”.  It is clear the creators of this document are passionate about fetish, and very respectful of its community. The result is certainly one of the most professional and accurate fetish video about the events fetish scene of today.  It is unclear when and on what TV channel in Italy the document will air, but meanwhile we highly recommend watching the complete document online, posted by the Fetish Evolution team on youtube, split in three parts at the following addresses: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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