Nov 20, 2015

Zesty Catch – Catch me if you can!


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I was traveling the gorgeous country of Thailand when I ended up on this tiny island (oupsy, I can`t remember its name). So tiny that there was only a few hotels located on one side of it while I have heard the other was pretty much isolated from tourists and locals. And when I hear that, it always triggers my sense of adventure. So I rented a scooter at my hotel and ride the only one road that there was until I reached the north side of the island where I did find a restaurant selling seafood and fish.

Because my little excursion made me hungry, I decided to stop and have a quick bite. And I am certainly happy that I did because while I was sitting on their terrasse, I had a perfect view on this location you are about to see in these photos. The beach didn’t seem too far from the restaurant, but not visible from the road. If I had not stopped to eat at the restaurant, I would have passed by without even seeing it. So once my belly fully happy and all the time in front of me (It was only noon), I got back up my scooter and ride to the hidden isolated beach. On the main road, at some point, I did notice a dirty path large enough for my scooter to use. It didn’t take too long to reach the beach where walked off my scooter to admire the golden blonde beach licked by an ocean so crystal blue that I could see deep and far in the water.

I was completely alone with the sea. So instead of walking nude, I opted for a little eccentricity and put on my pink fishnet dress. The sun was really strong in the sky, and to avoid a bad sunburn, I walked to this rocky point where to find a hammock tied up to a tree and suspended above the sea. What a sight! So sensual and being nude surrounded by such beauty was so liberating. Am I not the zesty catch of your day my love?



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