Mar 1, 2012

Xtatic – Tight Corset, Maximized Cleavage!


Get ready for an eye-popping jaw-breaking photoshoot giving every curves of Miss Beauchamp a chance to glow!

Featuring a brand new corset (Versatile Corsets) that fits our tantalizing Diva like a charm, the simplicity of the plain color background with an highly contrasting outfit always featured among the favorite photo session of Bianca’s Fan base!

To compliment that very arousing corset, our sultry redhead puts on a red rubber mini skirt, opera gloves, red and black fishnet and her new very lusty 8″ platform high heel shoes.  The overall feels like the eyes are struck by lightning!  Don’t get misled by these three big strapped buckles though because their binding authority is about to get a FF hard and firm lesson.  NOTHING can keep Bianca’s from a great flaunting when she gets her …”hearts” into it!

See the complete set here.

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