Jul 13, 2015

Wicked Libertine pt.2 – Fire burns within


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You see, If I love dressing up with latex, I also enjoy the part when I undress from it. Confining my dangerous sexy curves in rubber makes me feel strong, powerful and in this scenario, very femme fatale.

When I caress myself running up and down my fingers on my latexed body and when I squeeze firmly my puppies with my gloved hands, I not only get aroused but also I see many wicked fantasies popping in my head. And when I get so horny and can’t take it any longer, I release my boobies from their latex encasement and  I freely play with them, reaching a point where I definitely see an explosion of luminescent stars in my mind.

Well my pervy friends, this is exactly what happened with -what I like to call it- my “Wicked Libertine” intimate moment I had at a motel here in Montreal. You must remember the first part of this set in which I was dressedup with my front laced red latex top, thin latex red tights, red opera gloves, and high heels.  With my hair up and red lipstick, I was elegantly flirting with the camera, standing up next to the bed that I had previously dressed up with one of my king-sized red rubber sheets.  And what an upgrade to the room it was!

And now, as I promised you in my text introduction to part1, the time has come to share some more sexiness with you and see where this coquettish set is leading you.  I say, it’s going to end up with some torrid and libidinous photos as I moved on to the bed and gently started undressing while I was fondling my rubberized body. The ultimate sexiest point has been reached. And loving every bit of it! Wanna get wicked with me??! >;-D

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