Mar 25, 2012

Whipped Cherry Pop – Miss Beauchamp With a Cherry on Top!

Bianca loves to play messy … and in Whipped Cherry Pop, our lovely Diva lusciously personify a sexy human sundae … Yummi!

Influenced by one the Splosh photo-shoot our sexy redhead did a while ago for the well known U.K. based magazine Bizarre, the feedback on that messy with food thematic was so well received that she decided to do another one for our pervy eyes only!

Oiled up in every curves of her tantalizing body for a shiny sultry look, our lovely temptress is ready to play with her food defying every rules we have been educated to avoid.  In itself, just that is naughty as hell and pushing the audacity to using sweet whipped cream and cherries transforming her into this perfect treat that could turn anybody into a compulsive eater is sure to light your fire!  Don’t be shy and taste Miss Beauchamp deliciously creamed hips, thighs and generous 32FF boobies!

See the complete set here.

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