Mar 18, 2014

Vivid Beach Babe – Voluptuous Nymph Sightings

bianca beauchamp photos

bianca beauchamp photos bianca beauchamp photos

SLINGS ARE BACK!! And our favorite Vixen Bianca Beauchamp surely has the curves to enhance it’s visual!  She tells us here how she got back to these insanely arousing swimsuit:

“Last January, to my great pleasure, Desire Resort invited me over again to teach one more time erotic modeling to their guests. The class last about an hour early in the morning so it does leave me the rest of the day to enjoy sipping on cold mojito while sunbathing “au natural” around the pool.Yes, life is tough at Desire ;-) but to be honest with you, I don’t only rest my pretty French-Canadian butt all day : I also love modeling as well, sometimes in front of my students and guests, sometimes all alone on the beach for me to enjoy the sight of the magnificent ocean.

And for this photo shoot, this is exactly what happened: to my satisfaction I got all the golden beach for myself. But right before I got to enjoy the soft powdered sand rubbing against my bare naked vixen body, I chose to wore and model my new sunny gold sling. I admit it doesn’t hide much still, it is some sort of a piece of clothing, isn’t it? And a damn sexy one, that’s for sure!

This is my most favourite sling photo shoot I have ever done (ex aequo with “LOVER” in which I wear a red metallic sling) and most this will become your most favourite sling photo shoot as well, I promise! A sensual and erotic sunset moment that will make your heart stop.

See the complete set here.

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bianca beauchamp photos bianca beauchamp photos

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