Nov 23, 2011

Virtual Rubber Doll Waiting To Click With You!

Bianca Beauchamp all dolled-up in her highly sensual inflated cocoon … READY TO PLAY?!?

Featuring once again the highly erotic ultra thin latex catsuit from H&W Latex Design, this tantalizing vixen knows how to treat your pervy eyes right!  Combining the rubber extravaganza of multiple rubber layers with Miss Beauchamp fiery attitude and inflated room, the mix of this redhead blossom personality in such a kinky restrained space is deeply arousing!

To compose the multiple layers of latex, Bianca puts on polymorphe’s a latex sleeveless top, hot-pants and short glovesl.  To have the outfit even more daring, Miss Beauchamp adds some fishnet pantyhose and a soft hood making her eyes and lips pop out like candies…

Wanna come in and play with this delicious doll? You can do so here … ENJOY!!


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