Jul 13, 2016

Vintage Kinks – Old-School stripping!


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The summer is finally shinning all over Montreal city and while the buildings are soaking in  a bright warmlight, my heart is bursting with joy. You must have guessed it by now: I love the heat and just can’t stand the cold! So when the beautiful weather comes back in my city, I usually put a pause on travelling to enjoy every little single bit of warmth that mother nature can gift us Montrealers.

That being said, even if I mostly don’t travel during Montreal’s summer, it doesn’t mean either that I solely shoot  at home. Now and then, I like to pack sexy latex outfits in a carry-on and rent a raunchy or themed bedroom at local motels. Not only I like to change scenery when it comes to have sex but also when it comes to modeling.  And Montreal is certainly full of hotels and motels so why not taking advantage of it?!

This time, I picked this blue & orange tones motel bedroom. It’s a minimalist room at first glance but once those two colors were paired up with my bubblegum pink hobble dress, it just did it for me.  And you read correctly:  it is a hobble dress. It’s been a while since I modeled one of those for my web site so  I thought it was more than time to bring that style back baby! And what I enjoy the most about  this dress is the two-way front zipper. It does allow me to flaunt my boobies while still having my legs confined  in rubber. Or I can set free my legs while keeping all squeezed tight my massive boobies under the pink rubber. OR I can expose both my boobies & legs if I feel like it. There are so many possible looks in one dress, I just love it!!

Now that I was all dressed up and had all the motel bedroom for myself, what was left to do next? Only one thing came up to my mind: having a hell of a good time!! Wanna join the fun my love? ;-)


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