Apr 15, 2015

Vintage Charms – Seducing Vixen in Rubber


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Winter is really cold here in Montreal, especially this year where the weather has dropped to a freezing -30C.  I mean come on! My freezer is not even as cold! In my opinion, that’s the perfect reason to fly my buttalicious body south to Mexico where the sun is mucho caliente baby ’cause if my body can’t stand the cold, it certainly welcomes and endures nicely extreme heat. And what better place not so far away from Montreal (4 hours flight) than Cancun. Laying on the white sand beach fully nude while sipping on a cold Mojito is not only liberating but also so so soooo re-energizing.


Yet… at some point, I do miss being clothed, in latex that is. What were you expecting here, hun? Jeans maybe? ;-) So one afternoon when the sun was at its highest in the deep blue sky and harsh shadows were plastering badly my honey skin, I figured why not going back to my room, dress up with my fuchsia latex dress, some transparent pink latex tights, opera gloves and high heels and scout for a nice location in the shade to shoot.


I might be taking a vacation but I never take a vacation from my latex fetish. never. That’s right, I always pack some lustful latex clothing with me. And I am certainly glad I did as I did find that lovely retro-style couch at the disco that was totally empty of people since it was not even happening in the afternoon. So yes, I had all the place for myself allowing me to be as intimate as I felt like and showing off some of my sexy charms!! If you too are suffering from the coldness of this never ending winter,  my sultry hot moment will without a doubt warm you up within a minute. Wanna see why? :-)

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