Feb 22, 2016

Venus Visions – Unbelievable sensuality


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Some have asked me by email or in the comments box if there would be another part of my “Sheets of Love” photo shoot and as promised, here it is! Is it the moody light, the natural make-up, the elegant pink underwear or me laying on the white linen that makes you wanna see more of it? Perhaps, it’s a mix of everything: sexiness, elegance and sultriness all combined together in one set. Very Playboy-ish isn’t?

Well, you may take the model out of Playboy, but never  the bunny out of the model I suppose. And from time to time, I looooove reconnecting with that soft romantic style that Playboy partly inspired me to do. Playboy has never been into too extravagant outfits or indoor locations. They like to keep it simple to give the focus on the girl. A bed, a nice lingerie, light make-up and natural hair and lots of sensuality is certainly the ingredients needed for the perfect Playboy style photo shoot and it happened that I had all those reunited that day while spending a quiet afternoon in my hotel room in Thailand.

While in the first part of this session  I was teasing you by slowly and gently taking off my tank top, in this second part, it`s now the turn to my underwear to hit the floor, revealing  more of my sexy assets. Recently, I enjoy showing a little more of my apple butt and sweet puss, I sure hope you like it as much as I love sharing more with you. So what do you say? Are you ready for more love between the sheets with me??


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