Oct 31, 2014

Vampirella vs Dracula – A Lascivious Confrontation!


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I often get requests from my fans on Facebook, Twitter and via email, to do cosplay photo shoots more often.  Although  don’t consider myself a cosplayer, the cosplay world has always intrigued me, and I always enjoyed transforming myself into iconic characters throughout my career.  I tend to only choose to portray characters that I feel a connection with and offer me a challenge.

In late 2013, someone introduced me to the deviously sexy Vampirella, a comic book character I have to admit I knew nothing about.  Since then I have learned that Vampirella is a sexy alien vampire that comes from another planet, who’s landed on Earth with the mission to protect humanity from  evil vampires.  How cute is that?  Such a sexy and dangerous character at the same time got me very much interested to “become” her for one photo shoot.  I didn’t wait long to meet Polymorphe’s designer and get a go on the custom made latex sling outfit which is the signature of the character.  While they were facing the challenge on how  to make the tiny sling hold in place and keep my huge boobies in check, I was  picking my brain on where in the hell (no pun intended) I would find a décor that would truly do her justice?

I first contemplated the idea of building a set with rented props.  A coffin, fake tombs and rubber bats…it could have worked.  Time passed by, the outfit was all made up and I had found a  business here in Montreal  that had all the props I needed.  Yet, I couldn’t  give it a go. I realized  that my true vision for  Vampirella implied a cemetery, a real one.  That would be quite the challenge to find since no cemetery organization would grant me the permission to model almost naked amongst their dead, and I couldn’t risk offending  families  that were mourning their loved ones  by showing up out of the blue without a permit. It appeared clear to me that what I needed was an abandoned cemetery. That seemed to be such a stretch that I almost didn’t even bother looking up the Internet for it.  It’s a good thing I did: i found THE most perfectly romantic and spooky abandoned cemetery, only an hour and half away from my place.  My heart started racing of joy and in my head, I saw Vampirella smiling at me, her pointy fangs hypnotizing me with lust.

Now that I had both the latex outfit and the location, I could almost make my magic happen. But something or actually someone was missing to complete my vision: Dracula, Vampirella’s Nemesis, had to join my fantasy.  After all, she does fight evil vampires and he his certainly one of the most villainess of them all. I immediately thought of my great friend The Richard to play the part as not only he is tall and handsome but he is awesome at “horror style modeling”.

Becoming Vampirella has been for me a challenge. Not only her outfit had to be custom made, the location had to be found and the nemesis had to join my team, but I had to invest more energy and time at the gym. Noticing that she is muscular, I had to double my efforts in training harder my legs and biceps.  Looking  now at the photos, I can say my efforts paid off.

Let the night fall and the fight start: I now give you the bloody hot Vampirella biting and fighting the terrible Count Dracula. Who shall win?

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