Feb 1, 2011

Valentine Sweetheart … Lust and Photography Meets The Eye!

This month, Cupid and Miss Beauchamp team up to give our hearts a luv beating!

February, the month of love and passion.  For the occasion, we all agree that a little fiery red latex can only help feed our burning desires.   Valentine Sweetheart will give  a good ride to those naughty thoughts of yours while you watch our voluptuous Latex Diva flirt with the camera in her new two red tones Naucler Design latex dress.

Made from opaque red latex for the cleavage and the frills and  semi-transparent red for the body, this dress emanates sexiness.   Bianca’s burning smile might also result in some instantaneous combustion if you don’t have a perfect control on your impulsion. ;-)

We highly recommend sitting on a bucket of ice while watching these photos to keep the fire within under reasonable control.  Click here to view these latex photos now!

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