Feb 2, 2010

Bianca Gives Us a Stunning Valentine This February!!!

Brace yourself for the new stunning photo sets released in february for the latexlair.com and biancabeauchamp.com!!  The following is the text and preview Bianca sent through her newsletter :

“Hi everybody!

February might be a snowy cold month for many of us on the planet but it’s also the month of loooove! And if you’re cold, well baby , let me be your Valentine and I’ll warm your body up!


If you are like me, you’re certainly a catsuits lover! I personally can’t get enough of them and when one fits perfectly, I like to order them in as many colors as possible! This is the case of my H&W extra-thin latex catsuit. I now own many of them and my see-trough pink is amongst my favorites because it is clear (and clear is nice to show my boobalicious body!) with a nice little touch of color for the skin. And because it is made with thin latex, it allows me all flexibility I need to rub my body on my pvc inflatable room. And boy, let me tell you that once lubed up with my silky lubricant, these bouncing mattresses turn me on!!

Surely, this fur set will make your heart beat faster! Dressed up with my schoolgirl style raspberry mini-skirt, my clear lilac short sleeves blouse, my knee high latex socks, and my pink latexrobe, I’m more than ready to make you sweat! And the interesting twist with this outfit is I wear it with a pink lace lingerie underneath. I love playing with layers and the mix of clear latex and lingerie. I find it’s something we don’t see very often and of course, it allows me to do wonderful latex-lingerie striptease! Surrounded by purple faux-fur, let’s get cozy together!

I always loved modeling bikinis on gold sand beaches and I find it even more exciting when dressed up from head to toe with rubber. To my taste, it’s kinkier as we are used to see bikinis on the beach but never we see latex, and even less catsuits and hoods! The feeling that I am doing something different procures me a cool thrill! And when some curious bystanders spy on my photo shoot, I am split with shyness and excitement. Well, this is exactly how I felt when I had the chance to model my ultra sexy see-trough blue latex catsuit and matching hood in Hawaii! I got to that public beach very early in the morning as I wanted to make sure I would have enough time before it got crowded. And right before too many curious tourists surrounded me (Aloha early birds!!), I had the chance to flash some boobies. Wanna see??

My lovely cupids, they say an image is worth a thousand words and I say a video is worth even more! Filmed while I was all getting aroused during my Valentine’s Flirts photo shoot, this 2 minutes edited video will show you what it’s like to model some naughty see-trough latex on soft faux-fur blankets!


SOULMATE – 120 pics
It’s true I mostly try new extravagant or eccentric looks on my Latex Lair site, but this time, I am trying it out on my BB Glam first. And my Loves, this black beauty shoot is certainly something new for your naughty eyes! For a while now, my amazing make-up artist Catou had this idea of transforming me into a black chick. Both being busy, it took us several months before we ended up doing it. After hours and hours of make-up and hairstyle (yes, this is my real hair!), the transformation was complete. Our inspiration was Beyonce in the movie Austin Power and so, I figured my silver spandex hot pants leotard would be perfect! And since it has a front zip, I could easily play with it and show my busty cleavage… and more!

VIXEN ISLAND – 107 pics
Adults-only resort Hedonism II is worldwide known to be an open-mind hotel where guests can spend all day nude, sunbathing or sipping a Rhum in the pool. For my exhibitionist tendency and all the lustful photo shoots I had in mind, this hotel was the best ever to fit my needs! Around 6 p.m, when the dazzling sun of the afternoon gently retires and the cool breeze of the evening wakes-up, it’s perfect timing for some sensual and delightful pictures on the beach! Slowly embracing the sea while the last shy rays of sun caressed my soft body, I felt like a vixen kissing the ocean.

Well love. Don’t stand there alone; be my Valentine! Just one click and you’ll join my fun! And happy sexy month to all!!

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