Nov 26, 2016

Uncharted Sanctuary of Lust – Secret booty inside!


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After 24 hours of traveling, I finally landed in Thailand and chose to kill the jet lag by spending 3 nights in chaotic yet so much fun Bangkok city.  Next, I traveled my  way to the West of the country where I spent 4 fantastic nights at a cabin in the wild.  Surrounded by the Thailand jungle, this was truly one of the most relaxing moment I could experience in my life.


Soon enough, I once again felt the craving to move and discover more of Thailand’s hidden gems. My journey made me travel by foot, scooter, bus, train and yes plane. One of my pit stop was Railay Beach situated South of the country. This location is actually composed of two croissant beaches, a lagoon hidden in some rocky trails, and wilderness populated with families of monkeys. A must see in my book! And definitely one of my top 3 favorite locations I had the chance to visit in Thailand.


I got to Railay Beach early afternoon but by the time I settled down to my hotel and eat lunch, it was getting late and the sun in the horizon was turning into a fascinating and magnificent fire ball.  I didn’t want to miss more of this spectacular view so I dressed up with my under cup turquoise bikini and head down to the beach where the sand was golden and the water was so warm it almost felt like I was taking a bath at home!


My hair was not done, and I had no makeup what so ever on my face yet that didn’t stop me to capture on camera this charming moment and now share it with you. A very much unplanned photo shoot done on the go. I trust that some of you might like the more natural look that I display in these pictures. You tell me in the comments box ;-) Until then, enjoy some of Thailand’s beauties with me!


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