Feb 18, 2012

TOP LATEX PHOTOS COUNTDOWN (#6): High Class Perversions!


Highlight on the NUMBER 7 latex photoshoot cover in our Latex Battle of the Covers Top 10 Countdown of 2011!

Rated at a  3.945 out of five (feb.01.2012), this instant classic photo set, shot on a dark grey background deserved a place in the top set of 2011.  The sensuality and classiness of the photo is so present that it gives the heavry rubber side to these photos a real soft sexy touch.  Perfect for every heavy rubber fans and will definitely be titilliating the senses of the more glamorous enthusiast!

Miss Beauchamp proves one more time that she is perfect for every situation and this is why we love her!

See the complete set here.

500 fans rated Bianca’s photoshoot covers of 2011.
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