Feb 22, 2012

TOP LATEX PHOTOS COUNTDOWN (#5): Pink Light District – Babe on Display!


It is time to see which cover made it to the 5th place of our Latex Battle of the Covers Top 10 Countdown of 2011!

Rated at a 3.947 out of five (feb.01.2012), this magical photo set was certainly one of your favorite.  With the first thumbnail from the left rooting a place in the top 20 also, it is undeniable that the pink theme, fishnet and of course the absence of any upper outfit through the entire session played a favorable role in the ranking of this sensual piece of art.

Let this pink beauty enchant your hearts by her luscious looks and tantalizing curves, you won’t regret it!

See the complete set here.

500 fans rated Bianca’s photoshoot covers of 2011.
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