Feb 28, 2012

TOP LATEX PHOTOS COUNTDOWN (#3): Strapped Nymph – All About The Butt!


We are entering the finals of our Latex Battle of the Covers Top 10 Countdown of 2011 and it is time to present the Bronze medal winner!

Rated at a strong and confident 4.011 out of five (feb.01.2012), this amazing dress really made your heart melt!  Designed specially to enhance the curves of our lovely diva’s apple butt! Let’s just say it gets the job done!  Already deliciously shaped and toned, this dress accentuate everything to point of becoming the perfect apple eye candy!

Are you a fan of the cute little tushy?  Satisfy your whim now and see for yourself how this dress does not hide at all Miss Beauchamp’s tasty stASSh!

See the complete set here.

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