Mar 3, 2012

TOP LATEX PHOTOS COUNTDOWN (#2): Splash Perversions! – Showering in Latex

And there goes the silver medal: the NUMBER 2 latex photoshoot cover in our Latex Battle of the Covers Top 10 Countdown of 2011!

You all rated that top cover an average of 4.207 out of five (feb.01.2012)! On top of that fantastic score, covers two and three of that shoot (in the thumbs strip above) rated at 4.04 and 4.025 respectively, coming in fifth and sixth overall position in the 100 covers of the Latex Battle of the Covers! It is absolutely undeniable that this latex photoshoot was your second favorite shoot of 2011!

A lot of possibilities as to know why!  The mix between thick black latex and the hot dripping water, the duality of naughtyness with the pure clean idea behind a shower, all of it gets makes perfect sense and is erotically filled with curves and the tantalizing attitude our Bianca Beauchamp … Yummy!

See the complete set here.

500 fans rated Bianca’s photoshoot covers of 2011.
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