Feb 9, 2012

TOP GLAM PHOTOS COUNTDOWN (#10): FF Fun – When F’s Becomes Success!


And there you have it: the NUMBER 10 glam photoshoot cover in our Glam Battle of the Covers Top 10 Countdown of 2011!

Rating with a not too shabby 4.025 out of five (feb.01.2012), this means that the top 10 of 2011 is all above the 4 point out of 5.  A great year 2011 was and let’s introduce this very sexy boobies oriented photo-shoot! Who love Boobies!! Yes, you all do!

This sunny session mixes the sunny side of the tropics with the voluptuous curves of Miss Beauchamp, model extraordinaire, wearing this tiny little white t-shirt that is sure to get wet and a see-through.  This set is all about the boobs and for every boobies lover, this is a masterpiece!

See the complete set here.

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