Feb 9, 2010

TOP 10 Bianca LATEX Shoots of 2009

Over 1300 Bianca fans rated her latex photo shoots published in 2009! And the winner is…?

The Battle of The Covers was started in 2005 on Bianca’s website and became an instant annual attraction.  Every year, more and more fans participate in the rating battle.  Bianca’s BATTLE OF THE COVERS 2009 received over 1300 voters this year (an increase of 400% from last year!)!  These fans rated 99 latex covers that were pitted against each other in this no-holds barred rating contest to determine which shoots were the favorite of the year.  The results are in!    And without further ado, we present to you…

Bianca’s latexlair.com TOP 10 Latex Shoots of 2009


#10) ENTICING DELICACY | 8.089 | view photos
Enticing Delicacy was one of the first photoshoots featuring Bianca’s new FF boobies in 2009.  The ultra tight corset emplafied Bianca’s tiny waist and her lucious curves. Yummy!

#09) LACED OUT | 8.117 | view photos
The purple laced dress in this shoot is one of Bianca’s fans favorite latex piece of clothing, as per mentioned many times on her forum. This shoot was also published on the cover of mainstream magazine Naked Eye in 2009.

#08) SEXY AS HELL | 8.124 | view photos
People love to see Bianca in latex catsuits!  Red & Black is also a favorite combination of colors.  And corsets rock!  Does it surprise us that this photoshoot ranked so high this year? Yummy!

#07) RADIANT VIXEN | 8.152 | view photos
We’ve seen a lot of Bianca Beauchamp in red latex catsuit and corset in 2009, as reported here and here.  Fans demand more, and we understand why: it sure compliments her fiery red hair to perfection!!

#06) RUBBER SIREN | 8.162 | view photos
This ultra thin HW catsuit was a total hit in 2009 on LatexLair.com !  That image is certainly worth a thousand words.  But wait until you see the video of Bianca’s boucing boobs in that catsuit… AWESOME!

#05) RUBBER WOMB | 8.206 | view photos
A flamboyant ultra thin red catsuit the shows off Bianca’s desirable curves in an inflatable padded rubber room… The ultimate rubber lover fantasy come true!

#04) INFLATED DESIRES | 8.209 | view photos
Bianca Beauchamp introduced the use of fishnet accessories over latex outfits to the online latex lovers community a few years ago. Since then, she has perfected her unique style, as this stylized ultra sexy purple, black and orange photoshoot demonstrates!

#03) NAUGHTY NIGHTIES | 8.234 | view photos
In position three this year, a naughty Bianca showing off her fan acclaimed derriere wrapped in titillating fishnet stockings, and complemented with a pair of thigh high rubber high heel boots.  Did someone say ouch?!

#02) FROST BITE| 8.317 | view photos
The title of this photoshoot certainly describes it to the perfection.  The multiple layers of black and blue latex with matching corset is so cool, it’s totally hot!  And look at all the shine on the latex… Yum!

| 8.364 | view photos
And the number one photoshoot of 2009, as per rated by over 1300 users, is Bedazzling!  Bianca Beauchamp in a Polymorphe Latex Fashion red latex catsuit and corset with open frontal zip featuring Bianca’s new FF boobies is to die for!  This cover rated at 8.364 out of 10! Incidently, this photoshoot was also used in 2009 to promote the international Fetish Evolution event 2009 where Bianca was co-MCing that year (See our Top 10 Bianca Stories of 2009 for more info).  So there you have it: red latex, beautiful boobies, classy red hair, lucious lips and eyes to dies for.  What more can a latexlover ask for???

NOTE: Each photoshoot has between 2 to 4 entry covers in the Battle of the Covers.   To create the PHOTO SHOOT TOP 10 LIST above, we only considered 1 cover (the top rated cover) per shoot from the Battle Of the Covers results.


#11) INFLATED RUBBER ROOM | 8.052 | view photos
In position 11, another photoshoot of Bianca in her inflatable rubber room.  Warning: sexy curves ahead!

#12) WATCHER | 7.98
At Fetish Evolution 2009, Bianca surprised everyone with her super-hero Silk Spectre latex outfit from the movie Watchers. Kapow!

#13) AWE | 7.96
Another take on total fishnet body covering over latex, this time red on black latex. Ubber sexy!

#14) HOOVES | 7.95
From the photoshoot that made Bianca’s 8th cover on Bizarre Magazine comes this photoshoot. This was the very first shoot done with Bianca’s new FF boobies.

Bianca’s red catsuit and half-exposed boobs make this photoshoot a very popular one for Bianca’s fans!

Interesting Stats from the LatexLair Battle Of the Covers 2009:

  • Over 1300 people rated the 99 covers
  • A whooping 74% of the covers were rated 7/10 and over!
  • 20 covers received a rating over 8/10!
  • only 25 covers received a rating under 7.  No covers were rated under 6!
  • The lowest cover rating was 6.037/10, with 1270 ratings.
  • The highest rating given to a Heavy Rubber photoshoot (face with rubber mask) in the listing was RUBBER CONTAGION, ranked 65 with a rating of 7.185!

If you are curious to view the complete 99 results, head over to this topic on Bianca’s Forum.

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