Mar 13, 2009

TOP 10 Latex Photoshoots of 2008

Visitors rated 2008’s top 100 photo shoot covers of 2008, and we have the results for you!

Two months ago, we posted about a BATTLE OF THE COVERS at Bianca’s Latex Lair where the best 100 covers of 2008 were pitted against each other in a fight to the death!  Which cover photoshoot would get the number 1 position? What would be the top 10 shoots of 2008?  And which ones would get the bottom vites?  After 250 votes, we have the answer to all your questions!


NOTE: in the Battle of the Covers, each photoshoot was sometime represented by multiple covers.  To create the PHOTOSHOOT TOP 10 LIST below, we only considered 1 cover per shoot from the Battle Of the Covers results.


#10) CLASSY FLIRTS | 7.39/10 –  view photos
This photoshoot was originaly photographed for Polymorphe Latex Fashion, and was published in Marquis Style magazine.

#09) BEYOND CATSUITS | 7.4/10 –  view photos
This unique lighting style was shot by Bianca’s friend Gil Perron in an empty public pool in Montreal.  This was one of multiple sets shot at that location by Perron and also by bianca’s partner Martin Perreault.

#08) VIVID DREAM | 7.47/10 –  view photos
Purple was clearly a popular color for latex in 2008, as this photoshoot in 8th position demonstrates!

#07) PLAY WITH ME | 7.654/10 –  view photos
In 2008, Bianca published many photoshoots of herself wearing a blonde hairdo.  This sexy blonde featured an original 1978 Bali Kiss Pinball machine, and rocked our world! Pun intended.

#06) FETISH FACTORY part 1 | 7.659/10 –  view photos
For the second blonde shoot to appear in the top 10 of 2008, it is of Bianca in her red-hot latex catsuit at Fetish Factory event 2008!  Yes, we love Bianca in red!

#05) DISCO PINK | 7.665/10 –  view photos
This groovy pink latex shoot was originally published in January 2008, and it seems it was an excellent way to start the year!

#04) BIANCA VS ARIA | 8.01/10 –  view photos
In 2008, Bizarre magazine featured their two favorite models on the same cover, in latex!  Granted it was a very thin latex outfit with a lot of skin, it still hit us exactly where it hurts! That’s one dirty fight we won’t forget!

#03) PLEASURE DOLL | 8.03/10 –  view photos
It’s hard to say if it’s the attractive concept of a “Pleasure Rubber Doll” or Bianca being wrapped in black latex catsuit mixed with a full red fishnet body suit that made this shoot in appear the top 3.  One thing for sure: THAT is one SEXY play doll!

#02) CATSUIT DREAMS | 8.2/10 –  view photos
There is just something about the combination of black and red.  And then comes this wonderful cover of Bianca ultra-shiny black catsuit with her flamboyant red hair…

#01) CANDY LEGS | 8.71/10 –  view photos
When Bianca decided to go from her trademark red head to blonde for a while, many had criticized her bold move.  As this number 1 cover demonstrates, many people seemed to enjoy the new variety this change brought to the LatexLair.  Obviously, the fantastic latex outfit Bianca is wearing in this cover is in grand part responsible for its success!  But it leaves us wondering: would it have been as well received, or perhaps even more, if Bianca had been a red head in this shoot?  Now THAT is a question we’d like answered in 2009…

Interesting Stats from the LatexLair Battle Of the Covers 2208:

  • Over 240 people rated the 100 covers
  • 42% of the covers were rated 7/10 and over!
  • 5 covers received a rating over 8/10
  • only 13 covers received a rating under 6

If you are curious to view the complete 100 results, head over to this topic in Bianca’s Forum.

Here are 5 shoots that almost made the top 10 list!

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