Apr 3, 2009

Top 10 GLAM photoshoots of 2008

Visitors rated Bianca’s Glamour Lounge photoshoot covers of 2008, and we have the anticipated TOP 10 list for you!

As a follow-up to our recent post on Bianca’s Top10 Latex Photoshoots of  2008, we now bring you Bianca’s GLAMOUR TOP 10 SHOOTS of 2008, as rated by biancabeauchamp.com’s visitors during Bianca’s GLam Battle Of The Covers from February to March 2009.  But before we analyze the results, let’s take a look at the following stats.


  • An average of 125 people rated each photoshoot cover
  • 13 covers received a rating over 8/10
  • All covers (except for three covers) were rated 7/10 and over!
  • Out of the three covers that received a rating under 7, two were of a Guest Model.
  • The three bottom covers were rated over 6/10

and now,


NOTE: in the Battle of the Covers, each photoshoot was sometime represented by multiple covers.  To create the PHOTOSHOOT TOP 10 LIST below, we only considered 1 cover per shoot from the Battle Of the Covers results.


#10) TROPICAL DREAM | 7.83/10 – view photos
During a period of 6 months, Bianca left her trademark red hair in exchange for the blonde bombshell look.  Tropical Dream is a testament of how good Bianca looked in blonde, and how on top of her game she was during that photoshoot!

#09) WILD BEAUTY | 7.94/10 – view photos
Bianca Beauchamp’s last trip to the Caribbeans took a departure from her usual shooting spot as she decided to hit Dominican Republic instead of Cuba.  This trip celebrated Bianca’s return as a red head, and we think “Wild Beauty” is indeed the right choice of title for such a fiery red head!

#08) SENSUAL DELIGHT | 8.04/10 – view photos
During her blonde period, Bianca did a serie of photoshoots in Cuba.  In this shoot, her “American Beach Babe” look suits her hair very well.  But we’re sure it’s the bottom asset that got this cover a well deserved top 10 spot!

#07) NAKED IN PARADISE | 8.05/10 – view photos
No wonder this cover shot made it into the top 10!  It has all the winning ingredients: Bianca’s sweet looks, a superb booby shot, and the firm derriere we all love!  Yes, this certainly is Paradise!

#06) BOOBY TRAPPED | 8.08/10 – view photos
Booby Trapped is the first of four shoots on grey background to appear in the top 10 list, and is the first to show Bianca in fishnet body stocking.  The combination of black see-through lingerie on her warm body won our heart, and the viewers’ too!

#05) THE GIRL NEXT DOOR | 8.11/10 – view photos
We all know jeans is a strong fetish for many people!  And why wouldn’t it be?  It’s tight, it’s sexy, and Bianca sure knows how to wear a good old pair of blue jeans!  But it’s the combination of her innocent look, white sweater + lingerie that makes this one a top contenstant!

#04) WET ‘N WILD MERMAID | 8.34/10 – view photos
Every time Bianca flies south for photoshoots, she does at least one wet ‘n wild photoshoot.  We’ve seen  her in the past doing wet t-shirt shoots in the Caribbean waters.  But this time, she surprised us with a white an ultra thin pareo and matching top, which became totally see-through once soaked in hot water.  Absolutely stunning!

#03) SWEET & TASTY | 8.40/10 –  view photos
Part of this shoot was originally published in Bizarre Magazine, and one of those shots actually made their cover! (insert right) Black shiny bikini and oiled up skin makes us all very happy.  The viewers thought so too!

#02) THE WOW FACTOR | 8.43/10 – view photos
It is not often we see such a raunchy cover from Bianca on her Glamuor site, and we love it!  This one has it all, and being that it was done when Bianca was blonde adds to the fantasy effect.  We are totally sold on this Wow Factor!

#01) BLACK WIDOW’s WEB | 8.72/10 –  view photos
It is no wonder this photoshoot was so popular! It features all of Bianca’s curvy assets, boobs and bottom!  And being that her skin is all oiled up AND she’s wearing a sexy see-through fish-net two-piece lingerie, this was simply a no brainer.  And with a rating of 8.72/10, it’s clear Bianca’s visitors all agreed!

If you are curious to view the complete 100 results, head over to Bianca’ Forum.

Here are 5 shoots that almost made the top 10 list!

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