Feb 10, 2011

#7 – TOP 10 Bianca Photoshoots of 2010!




Over 1000 fans of Bianca Beauchamp rated her Latex and Glamour photoshoots published in 2010! Throughout the course of the month of February, we’ll present to you the results from the feverish rating competition! And the 7th place goes to…

LatexLair‘s 7th POSITION : Rapture / rating: 8.037

This very unique looking latex gown was first drawn by pinup artist and model Gina King. Miss Beauchamp wanted to dress up with a sensual and boudoir style outfit so Gina came up with this gorgeous buckles gown. Worn with matching buckle gloves and some fishnet garter belt stockings, this outfit is outstanding.  While teasing the camera made her sweat, it was the perfect excuse for Bianca to strip down a bit and show off her boobalicious curves! Confined in a latex belt, the 32FF boobies just wanted to explode! A pure rapture combination of high heels shoes, garter belt stockings and boobs! Did I say Boobs? Not sure, let’s go for another one just to be sure … BOOBS! You can view these latex photos now and grab a cold shower after!

Glamour Lounge‘s 7th POSITION : Holed That Thought /rating: 8.348

Photographed in a lustful red set, paired with a black & gold glare fishnet style short mini dress with long sleeves, some sultry black stockings held by a black lace garter belt, and for the final wicked touch, black platform high heels. The overall look screams for sex and would turn on even a tree branch! Witness Bianca getting aroused by her curvy 32FF self and to quote her : “I sure didn’t get them that big to keep them just for myself!”  Now that is the spirit! Enjoy the fun and view these glam photos now!

Blast From The Past!
(Last Year’s 7th Position)

RADIANT VIXEN | 8.152 | view
This set has a superhero vibe about it and Bianca can’t keep her voluminous boobs for herself … sweet!

BURNING SKIN | 8.378 | view
Photographed at sunset, Bianca’s body looked like it was covered with gold shimmer.  Magical!

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