Feb 18, 2011

TOP 10 Bianca Photoshoots of 2010! #5




Over 1000 fans of Bianca Beauchamp rated her Latex and Glamour photoshoots published in 2010! Throughout the course of the month of February, we’ll present to you the results from the feverish rating competition! And the 5th place goes to…

LatexLair‘s 5th POSITION : Blinding Outburst / rating: 8.15

Now this set is simply going to blow your mind. Believe it, if you are into rubber boots, this set is exactly what will turn you on! Bought in London years ago while attending the Rubber Ball, Bianca shares these piece of art with you! Wearing a fiery red latex catsuit paired it up with the boots, the results are nothing less than amazing!  Add to this ensemble an exchangeable latex panel corset and some black gauntlets, the overall look screams sex appeal! Don’t be shy, you can view these latex photos now!

Glamour Lounge‘s 5th POSITION : Casual Lust /rating: 8.393

The fans who discovered Bianca through Playboy magazine will certainly get aroused by this sensual and elegant set as it does have a stylish Playboy vibe.  With her hair pulled up in this very romantic style, a soft make-up, the teardrop diamond earrings, the garter belt stockings, the pump high heels shoes  and a sultry  black & white laces robe, Bianca sure look like she’s getting ready to attend one of The Playboy Mansion`s pajama party!  Proudly flaunting her voluptuous chest, a firm belly and a delicious apple butt, you`ll get a crush on the lady it is guaranteed! Playboy magazine fans rejoice and view these glam photos now!

Blast From The Past!
(Last Year’s 5th Position)

RUBBER WOMB | 8.206 | view
Ultra thin red catsuit showing off Bianca’s desirable curves in an inflatable padded rubber room…

TROPICAL BOUNTY | 8.44 | view
White powder sand beach, tiny indecent bikini and the sea caressing Bianca’s curves … WOW!

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