Feb 24, 2011

#3 – TOP 10 Bianca Photoshoots of 2010!




Over 1000 fans of Bianca Beauchamp rated her Latex and Glamour photoshoots published in 2010! Throughout the course of the month of February, we’ll present to you the results from the feverish rating competition! And the 3rd place goes to…

LatexLair‘s 3rd POSITION : Cotton Candy / rating: 8.226

What piece of clothing can turn any woman in a bad ass brat?? For sure, a black latex catsuit!! Put a corset over it, it’s even better. Of course, no bad-ass outfit is complete without gloves, and 8’’ black high heels with a platform that is to die for! Throw a biker style sunglasses over all that on the spunky attitude of miss Beauchamp and you immediately get a sexy tough overall look that is a true piece of eye candy mixed with a rock star vibe. Bianca likes to play rough and in this set, she plays Tough in Fluff!  Let your voyeur side win and view these latex photos now!

Glamour Lounge‘s 3rd POS. : Whipped Cherry Pop /rating: 8.45

When Bianca did The Splosh (a term used to describe playing messy with food) photo shoot for Bizarre magazine in the U.K she did get so many positive feedbacks that she decided to do one with whipped cream and cherry! Beginning by posing nude in front of her pink shiny set then getting some shine on her skin  by pouring some oil on her voluptuous curves until her body looked  like silk! Then comes lot and lot of whipped cream that would melt at the contact of Bianca’s sizzling hot body!  She then opens a jar of cherries and generously pour them on her deliciously creamed boobies, hips and thighs.  It’s always the same cherries that have all the fun :)  A whipped sexy Bianca with cherries on top that you don’t want to miss! View these glam photos now!

Blast From The Past!
(Last Year’s 3rd Position)

NAUGHTY NIGHTIES | 8.234 | view
Bianca showing off her acclaimed butt wrapped in titillating fishnet stockings.

BLACK BEACH BEAUTY | 8.55 | view
Bianca rubbing her nudity on this black sand beach with waves tickling her feet.

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