Feb 28, 2011

#1 – TOP 10 Bianca Photoshoots of 2010!




Over 1000 fans of Bianca Beauchamp rated her Latex and Glamour photoshoots published in 2010! Throughout the course of the month of February, we’ll present to you the results from the feverish rating competition! And the 1st place goes to…

LatexLair‘s 1st POSITION : Sunshine Sweets / rating: 8.323

And the final moment is upon us, the first star among all the covers voted by more than a thousand pervy fans.  Funny thing as the first star goes to the sunniest of the covers. Another great catsuit photo set featuring Bianca’s new metallic blue catsuit.  Front zipped piece of  art concocted in the womb of Polymorphe, this catsuit is simply outstanding.  And as proven quite often in the past, front zip gives the opportunity to Bianca to share with us her wonderful round and full 32FF cup zize! Feel the temptation yet? Let Bianca seduce you like she did for a lot of us and view these latex photos now!

Glamour Lounge‘s 1st POSITION : Wet & Wild Temptress /rating: 8.477

And now, the great winner of all the Glamour covers.  Anyone surprised it goes to the classic wet t-shirt photo set? Doubtful.  The wet t-shirt style is definitely a classic that turns on every fans and that is why every time Bianca goes to a sunny destination, she makes sure to shoot a new set of see-though wet & wild photos. Directly from Jamaica at adults’ only (and kinky) resort Hedonism 2. Bianca goes dipping with this lovely white cotton mini dress in one of the numerous pools. The water was cool on her skin making her nipples hard. The deeper she soaks in the pool, the more the dress becomes transparent teasing the hell out of our pervy eyes! She ended up splashing around, wearing nothing else but her very light make-up and her dripping wet fiery hair.  This set is not for the faint of heart but if you have what it takes, feel free to jump in and view these glam photos now!

Blast From The Past!
(Last Year’s 1st Position)

BEDAZZLING | 8.364 | view
Red latex, voluptuous classy redhead, lucious lips and eyes to dies for.

DRIPPING REDHEAD | 8.718 | view
Sunset shining on Bianca’s pearly skin … fabulous!

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