May 1, 2012

Tomb Rubber – Bianca Beauchamp as Lara Croft … A Sexy Adventure!


The Voluptuous video game character Lara Croft has been a favorite of many Bianca fans for a long time! The Latex Queen finally finally answers the call!

The voluptuous & athletic Lara Croft, woman of action and adventure could not have found a better match in the likes of our sultry beloved Miss Beauchamp in this epic photoshoot featuring an insanely exotic and enchanting decor.  Shot on location at the dreamy Fiji Islands, a better scenery could not be asked for for this photo shoot homage.

The cosplay custom made costume by Polymorphe mirrors respectful  the well known outfit of the iconic video game character in a true homage for the sexy adventures.   Bianca Beauchamp delivers once again her usual  high standard of sexy photo quality that will enchant you in this fantastic sexy photo shoot!  Enjoy the view!

See the complete set here.

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