Feb 7, 2012

The Sweet Suite – indecency behind closed doors!

Miss Beauchamp is hot blooded in this tantalizing Bohemian style photo session!

One simple way to describe this photo set would be “Jaw Dropping”.  Instant classic for sure, these highly erotic photos are sure to excite!  Shot in a local motel in Montreal, this orange, caramel and honey room made our sultry vixen feel like she was in Egypt, elevating her natural sexual appetite with all the exotism of this warm foreign country!  Perfect décor to match her sensual classy yet enticing dress makes Miss Beauchamp feel like a naughty gypsy mistress!

The soft and cozy bed taunts every sinful thoughts of our divine redhead.  Slowly loosing her dress to reveal her sexy red sheer lingerie and genereous breasts, Bianca gets all steamy from that point and everything can happen!

Are you ready to see it ALL?  Sure you are, and you can view ALL of it here!


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