Oct 11, 2016

The Hustler – Wanna play with me?


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If you have been following my social medias, you must have come across some of my posts relating details about the crazy & fun Gold Rush Rally adventure I’ve just experienced not so long  ago while spending an exciting 3 weeks in the U.S.A. For the ones who have missed those posts, the GRR is an annual event where owners of super cars participates in a rally that cross over the United States. And Marquis Magazine, now owned by C. Micheal Martell, hired me to be part of this once in a life time unique experience.  Behind their Mercedes wheel, I drove from Boston to final stop Los Angeles. 10 days, 9 different cities, and a hell of good time!!

As intense and high on adrenaline this experience was, driving my sexy ass among Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porshe’s and even a Buggati (3.6M$!!), left me happy but drained of energy. After all, it’s not that relaxing  to drive 10 hours straight, then 8 more the next day, then 6 the day after… So when the rally ended, I drove one last time to head to one of my most favorite American city: Las Vegas baby!!

I was still with the other members of Team Marquis and all together, we spent a lovely 3 more nights in Sin City. Thanks to Michael’s generosity, we could all stayed together in that huge suite at the Palms Casino hotel near The Strip. How lucky were we to discover that our suite provided us with a pool table! I love playing pool! I suck at it but who cares right?!As long as I have fun, it’s all what truly matters to me. :-)

This set will be different than the others as I rarely model dressed up with jeans short mixed up with latex. And I believe it might be the very first time you see me wear a cap hat. I wear this one often lately in Montreal, and particularly wore it a lot during the GRR. Actually, this whole outfit was one I used to wear  while driving the Mercedes. Sexy kick ass behind the wheel: check!

I am confident that you will enjoy this change of look. It`s certainly a look I personally love for myself and do here in Montreal. What do you think? Does this style works for you? Is it a keeper? Let me know in the comments box. And meanwhile, sit back, relax and enjoy a game of pool with me baby!


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