Mar 11, 2016

The Garden of Indiscretions – naked nature


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When I flew to Vienna for business meetings with Harald the designer of HW Design, I spent a week having made and trying on latex outfits. HW Design’s web site where I have often shopped online in the past  is easy to navigate on and offer a wide selection of clothing but I do think that there is nothing better than being able to pick up the clothes directly at the store/designer. That way, not only can I see the various colors and styles but I can also be assured the measurements will be right.

When Harald  gave me the honor to show me is showroom, I immediately fell in love with Marilyn Monroe-ish  lime-green halter neck latex swimsuit. This is exactly the perfect example of an unusual color I would not have dared picking online but then, once dressed up on me, was a perfect pairing for my fiery red hair.

I returned to Montreal with my latex swimsuit among other new additions to my kinky closet eager to find the perfect location where to model my new acquisition. Lucky me, I didn’t wait long to find a pretty scenery for my vintage style swimsuit as not even two months later my returned home, I  flew to Mexico to spend 10 days of naughtiness at all sexed-up resort Desire at Riviera Maya.

This resort is known to be a hot destination not only for the sun but because this is the place where naturists, exhibitionists, swingers, voyeurs and kinky people meet for a sexy good time. And as you know me, I am one hell of a kinky person myself. Walking around naked in front of people don’t  makes me uncomfortable at all. And dressed up in latex is even better! Now the real question is at a place where nudity is permitted everywhere, how long will I keep my swimsuit on? Wanna find out?!


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