Jun 9, 2015

Thai Strip – Exotic and tantalizing vixen


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It’s no surprise by now when I tell you that I have escaped some of the Montreal cold winter by spending last March and April in hot & sunny Thailand where I have discovered a new world; a world of smiles, exoticism and beauties. My trip included many many stops from Bangkok in the center, to Phuket in the South to even Chiang Mai in the North. And for this stop, I’d like to bring you to one little cozy sex motel I slept in for one night in Pattaya, the next biggest sex oriented city after Bangkok. Although this sex motel was not located in the hot Pattaya red light district, with a name like the “Love Heaven Motel” I was sure to find thematic rooms with cheesy or extravagant décor. Either way, it always works for a lovely photo shoot! :)

In this case, it’s not a cheesy décor that I did find. In fact, it’s far to the opposite as the Asian vibe decoration was elegant and with good taste. It inspired me sultriness and fanciness so I went through my carry-on suitcase (yes, I traveled light and with mostly lingerie to shoot!) and picked my green & black lace halter garter mini dress and paired it up with black stockings and my black pumps. The combination of the red décor with the green of my sultry elegant  was not only complementary but outstandingly sexy. And perhaps you may have noticed that I wear more and more often stockings, that’s because I feel my legs are in better shape now than ever, because of my serious workout at the gym (hello squats and deadlifts!)

The night was young and I had a couple of Mai Thai that were running high in my brain making me feel bubbly dizzy and foxy. Laying down on my new Asian silk dresses, it felt so soft on my honey skin! Some Asian porn was playing in the back of the room, turning me on more and more every time I heard the girl moan with pleasure.  And while my hands were running up and down my curvaceous body in some sort of slow lascivious  dance, I closed my eyes and thought they were you hands making me see the stars…

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