Sep 5, 2016

Teasing Dip – Jaw Dropping Wet Boobies


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Yesterday, I was going through my members zone reading all the comments you have been posting and I took note that my photo shoots featuring me with a more casual style such as displayed in my Rustic Enticement, Lust in the Woods and Blissful Myst sets are a big hit. I have promised you that the casual look would be back and so when I flew back once again to Asia recently, I absolutely made sure to not only pack with me some kinky  latex and sexy lingerie to model at exotic locations but also some more casual stuff that would turn see-through when wet. After all, if I am going to do casual, I’m gonna do it sexy style!

The photos you are about to see were taken in Bali in Indonesia at the very end of my trip. Actually, this is the very last photo shoot I did in Asia in 2016. I was not set to shoot that day at all but when I got to this hotel hidden in the hills and realized we were the ONLY customers there, I figured it would be a waste to not take advantage of this unexpected intimacy.

It was already late when I got there. The sun  was threatening me to vanish in the cloudy sky and so  I had no time to put on makeup or do my hair. I was already dressed up with this cute  baby blue cotton spaghetti straps tank top and this Brazilian blue underwear so I kept it just the way I were reflecting on the fact that it is rare you get to see me “au natural” as much as this. Do you like it?

Because I am such a big fan of wet t-shirt photography, I opted to start this shoot in the pool turning my casual outfit very much into a see-through fabric where my big boobies were proudly peeking through. But wait, the fun is not over as when it got a little chilly in the cool water, I got out to head down to the rice terrace. It was the very first time I could not only see but be in a rice field and now, not only I enjoy its beauty, but I could also get all naked in it while flirting with the camera.

A teasing dip that I will seriously remember all my life and that I now wanna share with you :-)

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