Jun 21, 2013

Shiny Nymph Secrets – Super HIGH HEELS and Black Shiny Latex

Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp is girly all the way in this bubblegum shiny catsuit, read how she ended up being this tasty treat :

I have read in my emails, on my Twitter and/or Facebook fanpage that many of you prefer to see me modeling in front of a plain white background as you find the virgin pure look of it makes the outfit stand out more than when it’s photographed on location like the beach or else where the eyes not only look at the outfit, but also everything else around.

In Montreal city in 2002, I got very lucky and did find my loft, big enough for me to build my own pure white ivory cyclorama. At the beginning, because it was my new proud addition to my loft, I used to modeled in front of it quite often until my interest faded out a little and I started shooting more on locations. But thanks to your feedback, it has revived my interest and my white background is back baby!

You’re in for a treat as I picked this alluring Westward Bound black gown knowing black color is THE color that stands out the most on white, and paired it up with sexy see-trough blue tights and my 8″ high heels that I could show off thanks to the legs back zipper. A black & blue on white filled with sexiness, “shyniness” and of course, “boobiness”!

See the complete set here.

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Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

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