Aug 18, 2014

Sunset Pin-Up – Setting The Tone of Sensuality


bianca_beauchamp_photos_07 bianca_beauchamp_photos_08

bianca_beauchamp_photos_09Hopping from one island to the other in exotic Fiji to discover some amazing  wilderness and be the lucky girl swimming  in crystal clear lagoons  was certainly worth the 20 hours flight from Montreal to Fiji and then, the  6 hours  boat ride from Fiji to the Mamanuca Islands. And let me tell you that the boat ride was quite an experience  as when I got there, Fiji was still recovering from a typhon and the sea was heavily rocking the boat, making me feel dizzy and sea sick.

For days, it was pouring rain and the wind was blowing on my “bure” (Fiji’s style cabin) like crazy. It was pretty damn scary at some point, especially at night when everything was pitch black outside. And then, after 5 days of rain and scares, the sun came back up making Fiji shine with thousand of beauties and leaving me flabbergasted .

I climbed many mountains during that trip (even got lost once for an hour), and enjoyed skinny dipping  in the silver-blue ocean. As you might know already, Fiji is where I did my first Lara Croft photo shoot, but I did not only portrayed  the kick-ass archeologist over there. I also loved modeling as me, Bianca the fiery red head vixen :-) One late afternoon, I enjoyed wearing my transparent turquoise latex bikini, strolled down the deserted beaches and let the golden sunset reflect its charms on my honey skin.  The gentle waves were caressing my soft thighs and firm belly while the warm sea breeze was playing with my hair. The last rays of sun were kissing my eyes and lips making me feel a pure  moment of bliss. Felling some sort of euphoria of being left alone with the ocean as one of the two witnesess  of my latex bikini strip tease and nudity, I felt, elegant, beautiful and free.  And thanks to the other witness there, the camera, you it`s now your turn to enjoy this  moment of sensual ecstasy.

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