May 2, 2011

STRAPPED NYMPH – Exposed Apple Butt!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to present to you Bianca’s new infamous Strap Dress!

Let’s just say that this concoction from Westward Bound screams perfection on Bianca’s curvaceous body!  Classy dress from the front with a teasing see-through lilac color, all the kinkiness emerges from the back.  Entirely opened, the back of this dress is heavenly.  The only things that hold this dress together are five red rubber straps.  Three on the back and two on the legs leaving Miss Beauchamp’s round and firm buttock popping out like a lollipop!

Westward Bound is a latex company recently discovered by our kinky Queen and she got herself lots of outfits from them.  This one being in her top 3 picks.  Now, it leaves the mind wondering… what in the world could the other 2 outfits from that list be? Because THIS ONE rocks!  For now, let’s enjoy this beautiful piece of clothing that will make its mark for sure as one of the most popular outfits of the LatexLair.

Enjoy these buttalicious photos now on our divas latex nest now!

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