Apr 22, 2016

Steamy Shower Flirts pt.2 – Wet sensations


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Have you noticed that more and more lately, I make sure that I update my members zone with sexy wet photos taken at the beach or just like it is in this scenario, in a shower? The reason is that many of you have requested seeing more of me in “water play” scenarios and as you know, your wish is certainly my command.

To be honest with you, I have to admit that I too enjoy these types of photos. When I was a child, I grew up swimming in pools and lakes. Every Saturday morning, my dad also used to take me to the local pool where I took swimming lessons for years, perfecting all type of swims.  It is fair for me to say that water is my element of choice and including it more and more often into my erotic photography only makes sense to me.

My career asks of me to be away from my home, sometimes for a long stretch of time, exploring  different countries and staying at various type of hotels. I never really know what to expect which adds a nice thrill on top of my exciting journeys. Certainly when I get the chance to stay at a hotel where the shower is that big and nice, I never miss the opportunity of accomplishing another steamy sexy hot photo shoot.

And before I can fully feel the hot water running down my boobalicious body, I like to put on a soft and light lingerie that I know will get the desired see-through effect once wet. This time, I went for a magenta robe that I knew that once all wet, its fabric would gently wrap my skin giving me shivers of pleasures. And when it got soaked and just a little too heavy to carry on, my robe met the white tiled floor and my massive boobs, my firm belly and my round yummy butt fully embraced the hot jet of water. I bet you wanna join the fun too now? Well come on in, the shower is big enough for two.


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