Oct 5, 2010

PHOTO Spotlight on Blinding Outburst: catch the glare!

Corset, laced boots, latex catsuit and curvaceous body, Bianca Beauchamp mixes it all!

Featuring new kinky rubber thigh high boots, shot for the very first time by our very own latex goddess,  this photoshoot will blow your mind away.  Mix those babies up with multiple layers of corset, catsuit, black gauntlet and Bianca’s fiery personnality and you get yourself a blinding outburst of eyecandies!  This photoset gives the pace to october and we can’t even wait to see what’s next.

Shot on a gray background, it gives a classy feel to the photoshoot and we can easily see this one become an instant classic for a lot of kinky fans.  Once again the layering of latex is stylish and feels perfect to our eyes and of course fits Bianca like a charm.  Perhaps not everyone would have the patience required to lace those super long boots up but we are sure grateful Bianca does! (or maybe she has a boot lacing slave in the cupboard?)

Give yourself some love and watch these latex photos now!

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