Nov 1, 2013

Splash of the Vixen – Wet & Wild Latex Mermaid

Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

The enchanting miss Bianca Beauchamp loves the feeling of water pouring over her latexed voluptuous body.  Read how much naughty fun she had in her last hotel room  :

“When I went to sin city last summer, I knew I would not only find there unforgettable  parties but also inspiring  for  photo shoots.

During my trip, I change hotels  every two days so this way I could discover  plenty of new rooms and décor and enjoy them to the max.  When I rented a suite at an hotel off the Strip that had an artsy unique  vibe and saw my bathroom, my heart bounced in my chest. Never ever I had the chance in my career to model in a  black tiles bathroom. I got blue tiles, white tiles, multi-colored tiles, black & white tiles… but never shiny black tiles. And not only it was on the bathroom walls but also on the floor  making this bathroom  kind of SM kinky.

I could have worn any colored outfits in this bathroom and it would have worked just  fine as black goes with everything. Somehow though, I wanted to keep the black ambiance at its maximum so I picked my new neck entry black catsuit that Fantastic Rubber custom made for me. That’s right, you read correctly: it’s a neck entry. It means that the catsuit has no zippers and I had to squeeze my curvaceous hips and huge boobies in there. Strangely enough, it wasn’t that hard to slide in once I poured a generous amount of silicone lube on my  sexiness.

The chest area have also been customized to fit comfortably my boobies without compressing them. And as you will notice, the pre-molded boobs just make my breasts pop out even more! Yup, they look even bigger now, don’t they?

And once all dressed up with my new kinky latex catsuit and dominatrix high heels, all I had to do is let the hot water run on my latexed body and have steamy hawt splash of fun! Come take a sexy shower with me honey!”

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Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

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