Oct 27, 2011

Spice It Up PHOTOS – Rubberize your Life!

Rubberists’ dream come true … Fully enclosed in shiny latex material from head to toe!

The Heavy Rubber of the month on the Latex Lair will make you hot hot hot!  First putting on these amazing thin red latex tights and these amazingly arousing thigh-high laced red & black rubber boots, these piece of art for the feet will make you blush!  To add a little crazy to the mix, Miss Beauchamp pairs all that up with a kinky black rubber straight jacket made renowned Maxcita (Toronto)!

Playfully enjoying her rubber restraints in her shiny red & sexy asylum cocoon, our sultry redhead will top this session off with this funky red heavy rubber gas mask.  Since Gas masks are quite difficult to find in other color than black, it makes for a breath of fresh air that Bianca discovered Elastica Engineering from Toronto who made this spicy mask and the one we previously saw in the photo shoot : Rubber Zone.

View these burning images now and get ready to get hooked!



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