Dec 20, 2011

So Soft – The Sweet And Sensual Side of Heavy Rubber!

Heavy Rubberists rejoice, this full latex session will make you pulse with desires!

In the latest text from Bianca’s Latex Lair we learn a little more on our kinky temptress.  When feeling stressed and tensed, she found in latex a soothing remedy!  Dressed up from head to toe in rubber, in makes her body calm down and feel happy again.  So to attain a new apex of calmness, in this epic heavy rubber session, our latex queen will mix & match catsuit, latex socks and gloves, all in a trinagular red rubber cocoon to find peace and arousal!

To spice it up even a little more, Miss Beauchamp will add her ultra-thin face hood and hot new red latex gas-mask.  Even though this is classic heavy rubber, there is a soft and delicate feeling emanating from this session which explain the title given to the photo shoot.

View this erotically charged session now and say bye bye to your stress and tensions!  Enjoy!

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