Aug 12, 2016

Soaked Mischief – Classic Wet-T-Shirt!!!


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At this point of my traveling in Asia, I had reached the end of my trip in beautiful Thailand, and without a doubt, I was feeling a little down.  Although I already had spent 6 weeks in the “country of smiles” and was seriously starting to miss my friends and pets back home, a part of me also felt like I didn’t want to let go on such beauties and excitements. After covering the land by foot, scooter, bus, boat and plane and discovering wilderness filled with multiple adrenaline rushes, flying back to my daily routine (even Bianca Beauchamp has one) was not so much appealing to me.

So on one extremely hot afternoon, think 42C in the shade, I opted to lay back at the sex hotel I was staying in Pattaya and enjoyed cooling myself down by taking a sexy dip in the roof pool. When I got there and noticed that I was the only guest around, I figured why not take advantage of that pool’s privacy to share one of my very last moments in Thailand with you my naughty friend. You got it: PHOTOSHOOT!

I might sound like a broken record but I still wanna say it again: I am a big fan of white wet t-shirt modeling! And that my friend is  something I cannot do when I model latex. Sure latex can be wet and also comes in various transparency colors, but it still does not look nor feel like a white cotton wet t-shirt sticking on my body. The feeling of the fabric getting heavier on my body and turning more transparent at every splash I make just does it for me.  And now that I was dressed up with my mini white top, I could also do experiment another turn on of mine: flashing my under boobs. Gotta loooooooove under bewbs! Are you a fan too? How could you not? Especially when the boobies are big and round and perfect just like mine! :-P


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