Nov 27, 2011

Slippery Treats – Unwrapped Eye Candy!

A true gourmet meal for the eyes … You’ll never get enough of this fiery vixen!

Over the years and all the many photo session our tempting diva shared with us, we saw this sultry nymph in all sorts of apparel. From the sensual lingerie to the girl next door jeans or tropical bikinis, sometimes, a simple yet enticing session emerges.  An all nude, classy and tantalizing experience that not only our pervy enjoys but also Miss Beauchamp whose passion for exhibitionism is now known from her devoted fans!

Shot on a black shiny background, Bianca’s silky skin is outstanding. Covered in a lot of oil for her wicked pleasure, she made sure every spot of her curvaceous body got the slippery treatment!  She mention in her monthly text how she loves to run her fingers on her skin so she can feel all the silkiness and that when she gently press her breasts together, they softly slides on each other like if it was someone else caressing them. Wish you were there right?!?

Feel free to witness the charms and slippery side of this diva now!


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