Jun 6, 2014

Sling Fling – Wet Curvaceous Fun at the Beach!

bianca beauchamp photos

bianca beauchamp photos bianca beauchamp photos

Our sexy busty nymph Bianca Beauchamp is burning hot in her revealing sling swimsuit!  She explains here her memorable experience:

bianca beauchamp photos“I always have such a blast when I pay a visit to sexy  open-minded resort Desire Resort & Spa in hot Mexico as not only I am a kinky girl (that you must already know by now)who enjoys partying wild with people, but also love walking around in the nude and especially suntan naked. After all, that’s the best way to avoid tan lines which I  personally hate.

There are some clothing optional beaches in Quebec province but none of them have the white powdered sand and deep blue ocean of Cancun! And when I traveled elsewhere to exotic destination such as Fiji or Costa Rica, I do still sun tan naked (yes really, no bottom), but to accomplish that I need to find a hidden area with no one in sight or else I would get my sexy ass tossed in jail.  And that, we can’t allow to happen: how annoying it would be! :-)

So at Desire Resort where nudity is permitted on the site, I spend most of my days naked and my skin  get a honey tone  and shimmery.  One late afternoon at the beach that I was  left alone (where did the guests go, I dont know?  Perhaps to some sort of show on the resort?), I sat down on the white sand, let it run through my fingers while my eyes where feeding on the beauty of the sea and  I thought how gorgeous the scenery was. It then hit me: I had to be somehow part of it, become one with it. Photo shoot time baby! I could have chosen to model just the way I were: dressed up with only my Lara Croft style braid.  But I love stripping down so I chose to wear one of my slings that I had previously packed just in case in my beach bag.  It was sunset time and yet, because the beach is East side, we don’t get to see the sun turns into a fireball and disappear  in the horizon. So I decided to become the sun by wearing my fire orange sling.

Now, that’s what I call sizzling hot! With the violet in the sky, the warm ocean water running down my big boobs, my firm belly and my heart shape butt, this was certainly a memorable sunset.”

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