Oct 18, 2016

Sleezy Jacuzzi – Hot, wet and fabulous!


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When I visited Japan last winter, unlucky for me, I was there a month too soon as not only did I miss the Cherry Blossom Season but the weather was still pretty windy cold which I did not expect.  Since I was traveling light as I was heading to the hot Philippines next, you’ve guessed it, I was carrying mostly summer clothes which was not that smart but forced me to kick my butt and find warm and cozy places where to warm myself.

Lucky me, Osaka city is a place where you can find Love Hotels  that are foreigners friendly. Some hotels were a little too basic for my taste, not say a little dirty, and I would have never set foot in those bedrooms.  But others on the other hand were highly luxurious and even came with a Jacuzzi in the bedroom or on the bedroom’s patio.

A hot bubble bath with rich thick white bubbles is exactly what my body needed that day therefore I didn’t hesitate to rent this room for the whole afternoon. Once I’ve found out how intimate my patio was, I chose to dressed up with my red latex tights, my new red latex blouse and gloves. What? You know I will still end up naked but it’s always more fun to strip off first from my sexy latex clothing wouldn’t you agree with me my pervy friend? The feeling of the hot water running down on my skin was delightful.  And the more I was caressing my latexed boobs with the soap bubbles, the less my blouse would want to stay still in place. What an erotic touch and feel I tell you! My gloved hands getting all slippery on my massive boobies. Yummy!

Wanna join me in my bath? There is plenty of room!! :-p


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